$50 USD per night

Room 1 | 1 Bedroom

Room 1 is in our main house on the property. Fit with your own bathroom and mini fridge, this room has everything you need. With the option of 2 twin beds, or one king, this room is perfect for a solo or pair of travelers. This room offers full access to every communal amenity, including the shared kitchen, living room, green spaces, play fort, outdoor barbecue facilities, and more!

Where you'll sleep

Size & Location

The pictures below shows the size of the room and a map with the location highlighted in yellow.

This room is on the first floor, adjacent to the shared space. It can be adjusted to meet your traveling needs. Can sleep 3 people comfortably in 3 twin beds, 6 people across 3 bunk beds, or simply have a king sized bed.

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