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Nestled in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia, we offer 3 acres of quiet from the bustle of the city. Our establishment, initially constructed to support our ministry, Arise Africa, has expanded its welcoming doors to accommodate guests like you!


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Complex Manager

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These warm smiles represent the backbone of our dedicated crew—the individuals who not only oversee our property but also pour their care into every guest's experience. Get ready to connect with these friendly faces, as they are here to make your stay exceptional!

Situated at the heart of Zambia, we affectionately refer to our central base as "The Complex."

Imagine a unique structure crafted entirely from repurposed shipping containers, complemented by cottages, a basketball court, and a playground. Within The Complex, Arise Africa's operations come to life – housing our ministry's offices, team gatherings, workshops, and even serving as a temporary lodging for our American  staff. But that's not all – The Complex goes beyond the 9-to-5 routine. It transforms into a welcoming home for our amazing mission trip volunteers and guests like you!

Versatile space for dynamic needs.

We are proud of this creating a versatile space adaptable to our dynamic needs. While we could have opted for extravagance, we chose a warm, down-to-earth ambiance. Why? Because our focus is unwaveringly fixed on what truly matters – the remarkable children in Zambia, the heart and soul of our mission.

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